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PJ King – A Money Making Magician With A Controversial Backdrop

A Biography of PJ King

PJ King is a tech entrepreneur and an angel investor, who believes that time is precious. And thus practices the philosophy- if any work has to be done, then it should be on the things that one finds interesting. His digital profile is proof that he follows his ideology very seriously which shows his changing interests over time. Although his profile on the digital media looks impressive and highlights his success in varied industries. It also smartly clears his image from all the controversies that he is linked with.

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PJ King is not just a name in the US, it is a name that means money-making machine. With expertise in manipulating finances in a way to maximize returns, the man or rather a magician claims to focus on blockchains and cryptocurrency, real estate, and renewable energy. But, neither is it the entire truth according to the gossip mills nor has this been the same always. The inception was far away from the reality of today and which is why it needs to be taken a close look at.

Early Life of PJ King

The venture investor who now lives in California is from Ireland and was born to Shepherd’s family. PJ King took his bachelor’s degree from Trinity College in Dublin and went on to pursue a Master’s in Astronautics & Space Engineering from Cranfield University. But in the middle of making a career in space engineering, he left his Ph.D. program in-between to build his own business.

The Bedroom Startup In Technology

King went on to become a tech entrepreneur in 1994 with a bedroom startup. He named the company Clockworks International, that specialized in software engineering. Despite coming from a space engineering background, he decided to build an outsourcing company in the IT industry and ran it successfully. The company made it big and secured a prestigious clientele that included names like Symantec, Apple, Disney, and IBM. But after a successful run of 6 years, he sold Clockworks International off in 2000. Surprisingly, soon enough Clockworks International suffered from bankruptcy involving several board members in cases of financial fraud and got them sentenced.

Journey As An Angel Investor

PJ King on the other hand, after Clockworks International, moved on to explore his opportunities as an angel investor. Since then, his changing interests could be seen through investments in varied industries. While his official profile only has the mention of industries like travel and technology, research in renewable energy, space technology, cryptocurrency, and boutique hotels. If rumor mills are to be believed then there are other dark industries that PJ King deals with.

A Ticket To Space Or A Darkspace?

Just like other venture investors, PJ King too did not leave any stone unturned to make money. While initially, King had to go through ups and downs with many of his investments going downhill in pitiful conditions. He did make enough money to buy a ticket to space with 200,000 dollars. Although none of his interests gave him a bad face, it was this return of interest in space that became a turning point for his image.

PJ King’s Interest In Space

PJ King became one of the many entrepreneurs to invest in the Virgin Galactic. The VSS Enterprise that was about to make commercial space tours with SpaceShipTwo was owned and operated by Virgin Galactic. King became of the first 100 customers of the company to buy a ticket to space in 2004 and join the development team of Virgin Galactic that was headed by Richard Branson. The SpaceShipTwo during its test launch crashed, killing one of the pilots and injuring the other heavily leading King to claim a refund. Despite the unsuccessful investment, his association with the team did not end with the crash.

Neither did his interest in space die down. PJ King along with two of his Virgin Galactic acquaintances co-founded Firefly Space Systems in 2014. Founded by Tom Markusic and Max Polyakov, Firefly Space Systems is a company that develops commercial launch vehicles for orbital tours. While on one hand, he invested in space with few of the VSS Enterprise associates. On the other hand, he is known to have got into the business of pleasure with another associate from Branson’s team, named Michael Blum.

PJ King And His Association With Michael Blum

Michael Blum was one of the entrepreneurs to have bought a ticket to space with the VSS Enterprise. It was through this connection that PJ King and Blum met. Blum, a German man born in Hong Kong had been a part of the top management of many reputed companies like Ernst & Young, PayPal, etc. Despite being in top managerial positions for business development, Michael Blum started investing in gaming and hotel business in Macau since, 2006.

This was around the same time when PJ King invested in CNG Travel Group, a New York-based online hotel reservation service. Also, when the first wimp of controversies started surfacing relating the two investing giants. Based on the rumors, the two joined hands for a business in the illegal industry. Both of them together are known to have mastered the distribution and delivery of adult entertainment and drugs through their hotel and travel businesses. Their illegal services lured the interests of the Elite class in the US.

PJ King and The Controversies Or The Dark Secrets

Ever since the duo was frivolously linked to the underground crime den. It referred to them dealing with the industry that works to satisfy the dark sexual fantasies of American VIPs. This is the section of people who belong from the top management of big corporate houses and the bosses of the financial and political industry with immoral carnal desires. While Blum was tagged as leading the porn industry in Russia and Asia, given that his wife was from Russia. PJ King was flagged to have a connection with drug dealing. They were blamed for using the same dark network of criminals for selling and distributing porn and drugs.

The Story Of Leaving The Tourism Business

Though King has sold off the company after years of operation, he continues to keep a few shares of the CNG Travels to himself and be a part of it. Although none of these dirty claims were confirmed by the Interpol or any other American law enforcement agencies. His action of selling off CNG Travels increased the speculations amongst the gossip mills exponentially. Speculations were rife that it was only a step to clear King’s image by curtailing him from the travel industry.

Despite King selling CNG Travels, he not only continues to own a few shares in the company but also owns a luxury boutique hotel. The boutique hotel is named The Bobby Hotel and is located at a prime location of Nashville. If rumors are to be believed then this could be a perfect location for the likes of the American VVIPs for satisfying their deep and dark fantasies. Also, for the successful running of the underground sex and drug industry for the riches.

But it was the investments in cryptocurrencies and bitcoins made by the duo, Michael Blum, and King that emphasized their connection with the DarkNet all the more. Along with the link, the investment hinted towards an unlimited source of money that is only possible through illegal ways. This led the duo to get the title of Kings of the Deep Web, wiping away all the confusion.

pj king

Despite all the claims of PJ King being the dark lord of the underworld- involved in the world of crime, he has continued to do business. Neither could any of the rumors get confirmed, rather were flagged baseless by the law agencies of America, nor could the bad reputation do any harm to him. The reputation rather makes him look like a powerful person in the top elite class of America and works in his favor. He is not only considered as a great financial manipulator but also extremely smart to keep his illegal activities away from the reach of lawmakers.

Be it his expertise as an investor or his dark links and illegal secret services for the Americans, PJ King continues to be popular in the US Business Group. Not only is he considered to have the talent of making money out of the air, he truly can manage to earn investments of millions of dollars easily. If the rumors and controversies surrounding the man are considered untrue, and his clean image that is promoted on his digital profiles. Then, how does he easily attracts multi-million dollars of investments in projects and gets away so easily even after laundering money out of them? remains a classic question.

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